Everyone saw this picture, which is a really great thing.

A video of people laughing hard took over the network many years ago.

The happy mother and her four beautiful daughters laughed out loud and made everyone happy.

Happy Daddy and Styve Matias filmed it in 2002.

This picture won $ 25,000 because it was the best in the “Funny Homemade Video” category.

For a young family, this amount was very important.

Rare is the birth of a quarter, especially if it happens naturally, without eco.

On the first ultrasound, they could only see three babies, so the birth of a fourth was a surprise.

Mom and dad are happy that their girls have grown up.

Anna, Grace, Emily, and Mary didn’t dress the same way because their parents thought that each child was different and should show that.

Now, they are all grown-up women. They just turned 16!

One of the girls loves music and wants to play in an orchestra. Another wants to be a photographer, and the other two are learning how to code and design digital things.

So much the same, yet so different!

This is what this lovely family turned into after 16 years.