The Chan Da Ya is a mysterious place in China’s Guizhou Province. It is in the Qiannan Bui-Miao Autonomous Prefecture, and every 30 years, a rock formation there puts down perfectly round stones.

Geologists have been trying to figure out this thing for a long time, but they still don’t fully understand it.

The rock is only 2.7 meters tall, and its surface is covered with many different-sized round and oval stones.

Locals say that as the rock falls apart, the biggest stones fall, but in their place, new ones appear.

About once every 30 years, something like this happens. Geologists have done tests on the dense deposits that make up the Gandeng mountain.

But there is one part of the mountain mass made of limestone that is very easy to break.

Over time, these rocks seem to get closer to the surface, making it look like the rock is laying eggs.

The mass of limestone that formed during the Cambrian period, about 500 million years ago, is still there.

Also, there are strange round stones all over the slope of Chan Da Ya, which adds to the mystery of the place.

Geologists have tried hard, but they still don’t know what the Chan Da Ya is all about.