Anja Ringgren Loven, a volunteer from Denmark, takes care of children who have been left alone in Nigeria. In 2016, she found a skinny baby on the street and took him to a shelter.

The world we live in now is cruel. But even in a world with so many wars, political fights, and everyday problems, there are smart and kind people. Anya Ringgren changed the world in 2016 with how kind she was when she saved a baby.

At the age of two, he was very skinny and lived on the streets. It’s hard to imagine how this boy could have lived on his own for eight months without proper care, loving parents, or healthy food. Anya was walking through a village in Nigeria on January 31, 2016, when she saw a baby asking people for food.

She was so shocked by what she saw that she gave the boy water and food that she had with her right away. It looked like the boy picked up the food as if he had never seen it before. The pictures that Anya put on the Internet right away made people all over the world feel very strongly.

People from all over the world started sending money to the account of Anya’s charity, “Your help is their survival.” Almost $1,000,000 was raised. The money was used to take care of Hope and all the other children who, like him, had been kicked out of their homes and left to die.

The doctors explained why Hope had to go out the door. He was found to have hypospadias, which is a problem with the penis that is fixed by surgery. But people in the community probably told the parents that because the baby had such an unusual defect, it was a sorcerer and could hurt the family.

The baby got better, washed up, and was fed at the shelter. Here, he made real friends like Anya and David, whom he loves and thinks of as his real parents. Three years later, that poor kid with thin legs is now a well-fed, happy boy who looks nothing like him. Today, he lives in Eket, Nigeria, with 35 of his children.

Hope got his first haircut not too long ago. The boy becomes very curious, happy, kind, and honest: “You can see that the baby is happy. All of this is thanks to the kind people in the world and our caring teachers at the orphanage. There is hope where there is love!” Anya posts something on Facebook.