By being kind, she won the love and respect of her people.

Learn about Casey Spelman, a young woman whose kind act went viral because it was so good.

She never cared about fame or attention, because her constant kindness earned her people’s love and respect.

That day, a 26-year-old woman was waiting for her train when she saw a young man trying to get a taxi right next to her.

Then she saw that the man was blind and tried to help him.

Also, the young guy went to her for help and joked that the first time he saw her was in a taxi.

Then she decided to follow the man to his destination and then go on her own way.

And the cameras on the roof kept track of the whole thing, and the owner took a few pictures.

He then gave them to other people, which was a very kind thing to do.

So, Casey’s example of kindness can make people think that life has many beautiful sides.

With a small act of kindness, a kind woman showed the world that it has a lot of potential, which will lead to changes.