When their mother posted pictures of Meghan and Morgan Boyd on Instagram, people fell in love with them. When her twin girls were four years old, Stephanie Boyd started posting pictures of them online. Most families like to share pictures of their children, but the unique beauty of these babies has caught the attention of over 153,000 Instagram users.

In June 2011, the girls were born. On June 6, 2011, twins Megan and Morgan Boyd were born. Stephanie could tell right away that her daughters were different in some way. The girls were born with beautiful eyes that drew people in when they were looked at. Mom loves showing off pictures. Like most moms, Stephanie loves to post pictures of her daughters on social media for their friends and family to see.

Meghan and Morgan are easy to spot because of their beautiful blue eyes, and no one could deny how special these twins were. People on the Internet said the girls look like Rihanna. Often, they dress in stylish ways. Their mother likes to shop for girls’ clothes and often dresses them in cute outfits.

Their popular Instagram photos show that their mom, Stephanie, is into fashion. The twins always dress in style, but because the girls have different eyes, it’s easy to tell them apart. Aquarians don’t say what makes them confused, which is what hidden personality traits the zodiac signs hide.

People’s hearts were moved by how a mother gorilla treated her baby. Taureans aren’t lazy, but they are Zen Buddhists who know how to turn your flaws into strengths. Stephanie is proud of her daughters and always wants them to look and feel good.

She takes time every day to pick out their clothes, do their hair, and add some cute accessories. Stephanie is a busy mom of twins, but she still finds time to go shopping and buy new things for them. The TrueBlue Twins are almost like celebrities because they have so many nice clothes. Very few twins have blue eyes.

Because black people rarely have blue eyes, many people think that black adults with blue eyes wear colored contacts. But that isn’t always true. Some black people are born with blue eyes because they have a rare gene. Even though the girls are older now, they still make netizens happy with their good looks and stylish clothes.