The fact that the Shvandt family in Michigan has 14 sons makes them quite unique.

The parents, Mr. and Mrs. Shvandt, are used to the fact that their daughter only has boys.

Because they have so many sons, they are often mentioned in local news stories about this.

As a way to deal with this, the couple has made jokes about it and even named their youngest son Shiboyegen, which means “she is again a boy.” This is a reference to an Indian ritual meant to make sure a girl was born, but if it didn’t work, the shaman would say “boy again.”

But eventually, they had a daughter named Maggie. She is 28 years younger than her oldest brother.

Taylor, the mother, said that sometimes the house can be a mess because there are so many kids, but she hopes that Maggie will bring some order to their lives.

Even though they live in a strange place, the Shvandts are a loving and unique family who have learned to deal with the unexpected and find happiness in life’s chaos.