With the help of extracorporeal fertilization, Judith and her husband from Canada were finally able to have a child after trying for years.

When they found out they were having not one, but two babies, they were very happy.

The pregnancy went well, and the twins, a boy and a girl, were born at the same time.

But Judith was shocked when she saw her babies for the first time.

The midwife showed her the babies, whose skin colors were very different from each other.

At first, Judith thought that something had gone wrong with the fertilization process.

People would ask her where the mother of the blonde girl was as she walked with her kids.

People were always shocked when she said that the girl was her native daughter.

Like many albinos, the girl couldn’t see as well.

The weather in Canada is great for an albino girl because she can’t be in the heat and high temperatures aren’t a problem there.

But as time went on, Judith saw that skin color didn’t matter.

The most important thing was that her daughter looked like her.

In the end, Judith and her husband were finally able to have children with the help of IVF. The fact that their twins were born with different skin colors did not change how much they loved and were happy about them.

The stranger will never say that these cute kids are twins, but Judith will always think of them as her own kids.