Here’s how a teen sang a hymn in front of a big group of people.

The inspiring story of this great guy deserves to be talked about on its own.

If you’ve ever tried to sing along with the US national anthem, you know how hard it is to hit all the right notes.

So, think about how a 17-year-old would perform her in front of a big crowd!

Learn about Isaac Bryant, a high school student who wrestled and wasn’t even going to sing the national anthem.

Brian’s first goal was to become a singer.

It was amazing how people learned from his solo.

As the guy said in an interview, he couldn’t stay neutral when no one could sing their national anthem.

Then he realized they needed someone to do this, so he told himself, “I can do it, and I will do it right now.”

At his friend’s insistence, he was able to do this, and for a teenager, he put on an impressive show by any measure.

He also said that he sang with all his heart during the show.

So, when someone took a picture of a good guy’s performance and put it on the Internet, it went viral and got up to a million views.

Everyone loved his great voice and game, and they also admired how much he cared about his country as a noble teenager.