Because it was too hot to stand, the seller let the homeless dog out on the street.

Animals without homes have a hard time. They always have to deal with problems that most people don’t even think about. When Frost is out on the street, they look for a place to stay warm, and when it gets too hot, they look for a place to cool off.

People let animals into their homes when it was cold, according to what we heard. But in this story, because it was too hot, the seller let the homeless dog out onto the street.

When the homeless dog started walking around the store in Mexico, the temperature was 104°F. First, he got in there to get some food and toys.

The dog was lucky that the store and its workers were nice to him.

The next day, though, the dog came back. He seemed to be missing something. And when the clerk let him in, he just laid down on the floor and fell asleep.

Because it was so hot, a kind worker didn’t wake up a sleeping dog. A toy was also bought for the animal by the customer. The dog may have had a master in the past. He was a pet that didn’t bark or do other rude things.