She was born in a small town in Wisconsin. She will become an actress and model. She went to school in the same state at the best school in New Richmond. The girl went to New York right after she graduated from high school. She went to college in Minnesota to learn how to make clothes. The girl stands 1.78 meters tall.

Since the model’s name was changed to Kate Upton, she made a lot of progress in fashion design and then moved to Los Angeles. Even though the girl is only 25, she has been in many movies where she showed her best side. Her Instagram page has more than a million fans who check it every day to see what their favorite actress and model is up to.

She posts a few of her photos every day, and they quickly get thousands of views and likes. Many fans like the way the girl looks because she always looks great in photos. Antje likes to have her picture taken a lot, and she likes to take full-length pictures to show off her beautiful and elegant body.

Even though there are a lot of candid photos of the actress, the number of her fans grows every day. Some people like a woman not just for how she looks, but also for her charm and kindness.
In 2016, Antje played Anastasia in the movie Sable. The girl liked acting in the movie, so she wants to do it more on TV in the future.

Many people liked the movie because this actress was in it. She was perfect for the part, and no one could picture anyone else in it.

The movie got a lot of attention because Antje and other actors did a good job with their parts. Antje Utgaard has also been in a lot of videos and commercials, as well as the movie.

Almost every company wants her to be in their ads and fights for her. Even though the videos are short, the girl was able to show all of herself and give it her all in that short amount of time.