A doll is the most fun and memorable toy for a child. Instead, think about what the doll would look like if it was a child with special needs.

Amy Yandrisevitz is an American who makes dolls for kids with special needs. All of these stuffed animals have one important job: to help kids.

Amy Yandrisewitz, who used to work as a social worker, has been working on “A Doll Like Me” for more than a year. Since then, the woman has been sewing and giving her hand-made gifts to kids all over the world. Amy’s dolls have the same traits as the people who own them.

Most of the time, kids are interested in small versions of themselves. All Amy dolls have one important job: to show the child that they are special and wonderful just the way they are.

Since she made her first doll almost five years ago, Amy’s main interest has been making dolls. Amy said, “It can be hard to show a child that they are great the way they are, but our dolls give kids confidence and a sense of who they are.”

Over the next two years, orders placed by Amy will be filled. She puts a little bit of herself into each doll because it’s not just a toy for her or the person who buys it.

In her room, a woman makes dolls. Amy is good at combining her interests in children, crafts, and helping people in need.