This is how one cat loves to cuddle with his big friend.

Animals are so different. They want different things and have different needs. But sometimes people from different kinds of animals can get along well.

Like a cat in a safari park in the Czech Republic, he loves to cuddle up with his big friend Emilka, who is a rhinoceros.

When the park decided to get cats to keep mice and rabbits away from wild animals, Mia and her two siblings were still kittens. Mia was very young when one of the rhinos bit her on the tail. This was a bad thing.

The people who worked at the park thought that Mia would always be afraid of rhinos and try to stay away from them.

Mia turned out to be a very brave girl, though. It doesn’t bother her that Emilka is very tall. She always goes and plays with the rhinoceros.

Ami Vitale took pictures of the sweet moments when they hugged. When she posted her photos online, they went viral right away.