No one has ever seen anything like this in their work.

Has anyone ever told you about the speaker of the newborn?

Indeed, outstanding! Even scientists and doctors were shocked by what happened.

No one has ever seen anything like this in his work.

Stephan was a cute little boy who shocked everyone when he said his first words just a few minutes after he was born.

When the boy said “dad” after he was born, the doctors couldn’t say anything.

Marina Pano, the young mother’s gynecologist, said that this was the first time she had seen something like this in her 30 years of work.

She said that when the baby said “dad” for the first time, their staff thought it was just a coincidence.

But it turned out that he said “dad” a lot, followed by “mom,” “mom,” and “mom.”

Then she said that his mother told him to be quiet because his father would be there soon.

Lisa’s mother, who was only 17 years old, said that she and her husband were responsible for the pregnancy.

They always talked to the boy, played him a classic song, and talked to him a lot about good things when he was still in the womb.

Also, his parents were smart and knew a lot, so it’s likely that the baby went in their direction.