We’re going to show you some very rare pictures of the adopted kids of famous people who were once married.

Yes, this post is about Connor, a boy whose family adopted him.

They got married in 1990, and then chose to adopt Isabel and Connor.

But they made up their minds that their kids will never be in front of a camera.

So, not much is known about their childhood, education, growing up, and life in general.
But paparazzi are always watching their lives and trying to take pictures at every opportunity.

Thanks to them, we can find photos of Conor on the web, in which he looks like a happy man. He does like to fish and live a quiet life, away from fame and noise. He has changed his whole look, including his beard and hair.
No one is likely to recognize him as the child of two famous people.

Information suggests that Connor got married in 2019. He wanted to be a DJ at first, and then he wanted to be a movie star. But fishing was a win for love.

After these two cute people got divorced, the kids are close with only Tom.