Even though her life is hard, she tries very hard to change it.

The brave story of this young woman will give many people who are tired of work and life a lot of hope.

Meet Lada Karol, a sweet and brave 19-year-old girl who is an inspiration to many.

She is a real hero because, even though her life is hard, she has the courage to try to change it.

Lada has two kids already, even though she is only 19 years old.

She just had her second child a few weeks ago, and after only three days, she had to start looking for work.

The reason is obvious: her kids needed to eat right away because their father hadn’t done anything for them.

Lada works as a delivery woman, and every day she brings dozens of orders to their destinations.

But she always takes her eldest son with her to work.

She was so sick of her marriage that she finally made up her mind to leave him.

The young woman was only 17 when she got married.

Even though Lada’s mother tried to stop her from making such a big decision, she did not listen to her daughter.

Soon, she was living a life she didn’t want, because her husband made it hard for her to even talk to his mother.

She was reunited with her mother and grandmother after she realized she had the right to be more independent and stood up for it.

They help a young mom by taking care of her kids so she can go to work and feed them.