A woman and her boyfriend were surprised to find out that they were having triplets. But when they found out they had not just three, but four cubs, that was another big surprise. Dad was so sad that he passed out in the delivery room.

Any child is a blessing, but when this couple found out they were having triplets, they got a lot of blessings all at once. A few weeks later, they found out that they were expecting not just three more children, but four.

There is a 700,000-to-1 chance that all four babies in a pregnancy will be girls, but Gemma Robson and her partner Andy Raine beat those odds.

The couple didn’t know what to expect at their regular checkup at 12 weeks. They were so happy to see their baby, but when the doctor told them they were going to have triplets, they were shocked.

Already, the fact that they were having triplets was a big deal for them. They got ready right away to have three children, but during their 17-week analysis, they got another big surprise.

During the scan, there was a fourth cub in Gemma’s stomach. Andy said that when he heard the news, he almost passed out and said:

“When we found out we were having four babies, I couldn’t believe it. I almost passed out.

Gemma and Andy have had a few weeks to get ready for their four kids to come. Even though it took them a while to understand, once their babies were born, all their worries went away. Andy said, “It’s really cool to see them here now.”

Before Gemma and Andy got to this point, they had to go through the heartbreaking process of giving birth to their children. Gemma was supposed to give birth in December, but she gave birth to quadruplets on November 18, which was earlier than expected.

At first, Gemma thought that four little girls moving around in her belly meant that there were a lot of people in there. But when she couldn’t get up the next morning because her contractions were so strong, she knew it was more than that.

Gemma’s doctor checked her and decided that she needed an emergency caesarean. The next morning, Gemma’s daughters were born. Gemma had a hard time with what was going on, but she didn’t have time to figure out what was going on.

She was glad that she didn’t have to carry her babies any longer because they were getting too heavy, but she was also worried that they would be born too soon. “It’s clear that you still worry about them,” she said.

Andy was so shocked that he couldn’t remember when he had his daughters. As everyone in the delivery room got ready for the girls to come, Andy couldn’t handle it any longer and passed out. He missed the birth of his daughters.

The father of four only remembers waking up on the floor of the delivery room with a pillow over his head. He got up quickly to support his wife and see his daughters for the first time. It was a great feeling that he will never forget.

Dani, Skye, Mia, and Taylor were their names. Since they were born too soon, they had to stay in the neonatal intensive care unit for at least three months before they could go home with their parents.

The proud parents didn’t live together, but they asked the town hall for a house that could fit their big family. Millie Grace, Gemma’s daughter from a previous relationship, also lives with them.

Even though Dani, Skye, Mia, and Taylor didn’t go home right away, Gemma and Andy went to see their daughters often and gave them “kangaroo care” by touching their skin. They also made sure that their daughters had everything they needed before they came home.

One way to get ready was to get everything ready for small. At first, they wanted a stroller that could hold all four babies at once, but they soon realized that wasn’t possible. So they went with two double strollers instead.

Gemma felt happy and sad about bringing her daughters home, even though she was ready to meet all of their needs. She told me:

“I’m looking forward to it a lot.”