TikTok girls before and after makeup! The hand-made gloves helped these babies feel better.

Once, Brynn Hamok found out that babies in the intensive care unit only got to see their parents for two hours a day.

After the day, she decided to sew them blankets that would keep them warm and cozy.

The girl’s grandmother, who worked as a nurse at the center, told her that premature babies’ bodies were handled with special gloves.

They liked the handmade gloves because they made them feel like their mothers were holding them.

The girl from the area around Atlanta decided to make these blankets on her own for babies in the ICU.

She said she had been hatching eggs for a long time, but she didn’t know how to cook them.

Even though her kind-hearted grandmother, Dina Simmons, was a good nurse, she soon became an even better leader.

She helped Brynn get what she wanted by getting money together so she could buy the things she needed to sew.

So, they were able to make the first gloves, which they called “tiny hugs.”

Now they could keep babies in intensive care units warm and calm.

When she got a blanket for hugs, she got a lot of thanks and warm wishes in the mail.

The act also made the heroine decide that she wants to become a doctor in the future.