Recently, people on Tiktok have told the world new things about themselves by comparing how they looked before and after putting on makeup of varying degrees of complexity and decoration. It had an amazing effect! And in the video, it was impossible to tell if it was one person or not.

Another show by a young diva who doesn’t wear make-up. I have to say that the Tik-Tok user in both photos is pretty.

So what if it’s a little bit heavier than usual? Even though this is the case, our hero can still look great at the parade and in the kitchen.

Find out how to get rid of “bags” under the eyes from this woman. She knows how to do it for sure.

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Badly styled hair and mismatched glasses can make a big difference in how someone looks.

When contouring is done right, it’s hard to recognize someone when you see them face-to-face for the first time.