They wanted to look different for their wedding pictures.

Some people who use the Internet may still remember the amazing wedding photos of this couple.

Irina and Alexander wanted to make a unique picture for their wedding photos 11 years ago.

All of a sudden, people from all over the world were very interested in photos of their boom.

Then, their crazy story quickly spread all over the Internet.

Also, everyone thought they would split up soon after the wedding.

But, to the dismay of the users, they are still together and have kids, which makes people happy.

People were either surprised or made fun of by how strange and unusual they looked.

An old dress and outfit looked like they came from the Middle Ages.

As if they were filmed for the TV show “Dracula” or another fantasy movie where only emo kids should be invited and ready.

But they just wanted to do something different on their wedding day.

Plus, they loved each other so much that their family has been together for 11 years.

Lada and Elisha are two of the couple’s successful children.

The famous duet makes a lot of money and gives all of them two daughters.

Alexander is now a well-known photographer who shares a lot of pictures of famous people.

Irina just turned 37, and she is also working hard on her business.

She is also a good mom and her daughters’ and husband’s best friend.

The woman says that they have a good life together, full of love and support.

This is what makes them happy.