When you look at her, you might think she’s just a baby in a stroller.

Meet this cute baby, Abigail Lee. She was born with a genetic disease called microsomia, which caused one part of her body to grow more than it should have.

When you first look at this picture, you might think it’s just a normal scene of a child in a stroller.

But a baby carriage for a doll.

All of the toys are small enough for her to play with.

Abigail just turned 2 years old, but she only weighs 9 pounds instead of the usual 44-66 pounds for her age.

Samantha, her older sister, is 4 years old and looks much bigger than her.

Doctors say that a small girl can grow by about 60 centimeters.

At the same time, she is healthy and lives an active, fun life.

She also eats well because her mother makes her healthy, tasty food.

A cute baby dresses up like a doll and eats at a puppet table.

But let’s hope that scientists will find a way to do it in the future.

Let’s hope that Abigail will only be able to live a long and happy life if all of her needs are met.

But one thing will never change: he is always getting bigger.