She has been to a lot of historic and beautiful places.

Meet Marilyn Hartman. She loves to go on trips all over the world.

This adventurous old woman went on trips for almost 20 years and saw more than half of the world.

She went to a lot of historic and beautiful places.

Marilyn has been to places like London, Barcelona, and Brazil.

But the strange and interesting part of this story is that she never spent any money on her travels.

But after the case, the court told her she couldn’t go through with her plans.

The trick is very simple but very hard to figure out.

While at O’Hare airfield, she suddenly opened up, and her method became clear to the personnel.

Before, she pretended that she only had power over a well-known person.

So, she said, during the process, everyone thought she already worked for the company.

But the enterprising woman has already been caught, and the authorities will decide what will happen to her next.