She just got stronger and decided to make a change.

Every day, Alvina Rein’s marriage got worse.

The way she felt about her husband got worse and worse.

A woman is hooked on eating too much fast food to deal with stress at home.

But her husband decided to leave her one day.

Alvina wasn’t like most women who cry all day after getting a divorce.

She just got stronger, so she decided to start over and change her life.

Alvina weighed 124 kg when she left, which is something to keep in mind.

But she got herself together quickly after the breakup, and the first thing she did was stop eating fast food.

Then she started to train every day. The first few months were very hard for her.

She later said that she didn’t realize she had gained too much weight until after her divorce.

So, a year later, she was no longer the same.

She got rid of more than 60 kg and decided to compete.

So, she made it to the final round and won, being named the most beautiful woman.

She says that she wouldn’t be who she is today if it weren’t for him.