It was like a bad dream for everyone in the family. Stephen Swap found his mother Lindy sleeping when he got home. The 45-year-old woman had been in a coma for 12 days, so doctors told her family to turn off the machine that kept her alive.

It was a very hard choice for the family to make, but Lindy’s husband and two children did it because they respected her wish to become an organ donor.

One by one, they came up to the mother and said their goodbyes in a whisper. Lindy doesn’t forget anything. She can even remember what the doctors said to her family about what would happen next.

Then her husband told her in her ear, “You must fight.” “You have to be tough.” Lindy couldn’t talk or even wave. She couldn’t even move. She fought, though.

When her husband kissed her for the last time, something miraculous happened. Lindy said in a whisper, “I will fight.” The family couldn’t believe it. They had already said goodbye to their mother, but she was still alive and aware after they turned off the machine that kept her alive. She struggled.

The woman got better, and she now tells everyone how her husband’s words helped her get better.

“Just because someone is asleep doesn’t mean he can’t hear you,” the woman says. So talk to people you care about when things like this happen. They’re listening!
This story shows how important it is to never give up and lose hope.