Tami Forbes is the manager of a small store where she works. Just like in our country, it’s common for one person to do more than one job in the US. So Tami had to do everything, from keeping track of the goods to cleaning the store. Even though the woman is pregnant and has twins who are 8 months old waiting for her at home.

Tami also has to work as a waitress at night to feed her family and make ends meet. At the same time, a woman only gets $300 a week, which in the U.S. is a salary that is so low that it is barely enough to live on.

Lemonis decided to help the pregnant hard worker before she had to go on maternity leave.

He hired a few more people to work in the store, so Tami only had to do the direct work of the manager.

Marcus also raised her pay to $1,000 a week and said he would pay for her maternity leave for 6 months. “It’s so important to me! Live knowing that when I get back, I will not only have money to live on but also money to save. “Thanks a lot for this!” Tami cried as she thanked the millionaire.