The story of Barbara came up on Instagram. She was always embarrassed by how she looked and used a lot of makeup to hide it. In her blog, the girl started writing about beauty tips. People follow her Instagram page by the hundreds of thousands. Edward liked Barbara, so he went to her page.

A determined guy wrote to her, and they began talking right away. The friendship started to turn into more. After getting along well with Edward, she moved in with him. Edward didn’t want to see Barbara without make-up, so Barbara got up early to put it on. It didn’t bother him that she was always pretty. But as time went on, the girl decided she no longer wanted to hide how she really looked.

Barbara told her friend that they were in love and that they didn’t need to wear make-up.

Her friend stood by her and told Barbara to meet Edward without any makeup on. But when he saw her for who she really was, he began to pull away from her. Barbara started to notice that Edward was getting to know other girls. One day, she saw him walking down the street with a brunette.

Barbara thought she was pretty, but she also knew how amazing makeup could be. The young man chose a girl for himself based only on how she looked and not how she was on the inside. Barbara didn’t feel bad about breaking up with the guy, and she posted an honest video on her blog.