The goal of the Got Talent shows is to find the most talented and interesting people from all over the world. This collection has the best five performers from all over the world showing off their skills.

Two of the performers are kids who can sing very well. Maia is only twelve years old, but on Britain’s Got Talent, she sings a Whitney Houston song with a voice bigger than she is.

Artem also has a voice that is hard to believe. The judges are amazed when he opens his mouth to sing. The crowd is captivated by his music and cheers for him loudly even after he’s done singing.

On a day when no one else on America’s Got Talent was making the judges happy, Adem Show blew them all away. Everyone in the group stood up when they did their automated, electric dance.

Try to take a deep breath as you watch a smooth person from Norway run away from an inevitable death. During the six careful minutes it takes him to get away from his chains and the dangerous water tank, no one does anything.

To wrap up, a master chess player beats the judges in less than two minutes, which amazes them. Watch this amazing entertainer make quick decisions that, in the end, lead to a draw.

After this meeting of the most important people, you will need more. These top five entertainers are amazing and will make you think about them for a long time after you see them.