Simon Cowell is moved to tears by Flau’jae’s amazing rap on “America’s Got Talent: All-Stars.” Simon smiles at Flau’jae as she walks confidently onto the stage.

Flau’jae says she is 18 years old and from Savannah, Georgia. “Is your mom with you today?” asks Simon. They show her mother to everyone, and when she waves, Howie stands up and cheers.

It goes back in time to her first audition in 2018. Flau’jae says that she and her father were both rappers. Her father was killed when her mother was carrying her.

Flau’jae says, “He couldn’t live his dream, so that’s what I’m here to do.” At her first audition, she did a rap that was all her own. As the crowd holds up red light sticks, red lasers shoot from the stage, and she starts to rap about how sad it was when her father died. Howie bop his head the whole time.

She walks around and waves her hands with the crowd more than once. The crowd’s sea of hands shows how much they care about Flau’jae and her experience.

The beat is very easygoing, but it goes well with her emotional lyrics. The screens in the back have a blue tint and her face on them. Simon can’t hold back his feelings after seeing such a thrilling show.

Simon tells Flau’jae that he loved it and adds, “That made me feel very emotional.” Flau’jae thanks everyone, and the crowd cheers as she walks away smiling, knowing she has carried on her father’s work.