Gabby Schulle never saw the things that were in her way. She made the most of the opportunities she had and became a competitive dancer. What’s behind it, though, will scare you!

The brave girl had to have her leg cut off because she had cancer. She was afraid that she would never dance again. But she decided for good that this terrible thing would not stop her from achieving her dream. Now, the girl tells everyone not to give up.

Gabi danced for three years, but when she was 9, doctors told her she had osteosarcoma of the knee, which is a type of bone cancer. It was made when a girl who was skating fell on the ice by accident. The girl’s mom took her to the doctor, where she got the terrible news.

Gabi liked ballet, and she loved to dance. They and the girl’s mother, Debbie, were afraid that her dreams would be shattered in an instant. The girl looked like she could not only dance but also walk.

Gabi had to have her leg cut off just above the knee. Her family did everything they could to help the girl get through this hard time. Doctors cut off the leg, which took the tumor with it. Then, a prosthesis that can turn 180 degrees was put on the girl. Her ankle now works like a knee.

The process of getting better was very hard. Gaby had to work for more than a year to learn to stand on her own, and it took her a few more months to be able to move around without help.

The girl was able to dance again three years after her surgery. She went back to taking ballet classes and even danced on stage. Beautiful ballerina.

When you watch her dance, it’s clear that she’s just like any other professional ballerina. Gaby’s friends don’t try to hide the fact that she motivates and inspires them. The girl says she has learned to be strong and that she wants to show by her actions that there are no limits to what people can think.

The girl finds time between dances to help the fight against cancer by going to local hospitals and charities. Gabi has been a spokesperson for the Children’s National Cancer Society. She has given a lot of talks and helped a lot of people with similar diseases.