Many experts have been fooled by the current epidemiological situation. But for the new commercial director, Michael Garden, the pandemic has been a chance to show how creative he can be.

Michael is raising his daughter Ava by himself. The man had to save money because his hours were cut, and it also helped him get along better with his daughter. Michael decided to spend more time with Ava, and he also sewed clothes for her to save money. As a result, Garden’s plan worked out very well.

In just a few months, Michael said no to many things that his 9-year-old wanted. The girl loved the clothes, especially the colorful dresses. Ava’s classmates at school were always telling her how pretty she was and asking where they could buy her new clothes. When the girl’s friends learned that it was her father’s work, they liked it even more. Ava said that she feels the most unique and happy.

Michael is happy about his new hobby. They now spend more time with each other. Also, Ava’s dad has started to teach her how to sew. The girl learns how to do a new job well. The father and daughter decided to share their work on an Instagram blog that they both contributed to.

As a result, Michael’s closet is now full of new clothes. Together with their daughter, they sew matching outfits that make them stand out in the city.

Michael himself wants to be an example for other fathers to follow. Garden is glad that he realized early on how important it was for him to be involved in his daughter’s education. He hopes that all fathers who put their careers first will come to the same conclusion.

The man says that his father didn’t pay him enough attention when he was a child and didn’t cheer for him when he did well, which gave Michael complexes. Garden doesn’t want this to happen to his daughter again, so he is doing everything he can to keep it from happening to Ava.