Florin and Ed Hale, who are married, are proof beyond a doubt that such feelings do exist. They were together for 60 years that they will never forget, and not even death could pull them apart.

Florin and Ed met in 1952, and during their first waltz, they fell in love. At first sight, they both felt something very strong. Ed knew right away: it or nobody else.

When the person she loved asked her to marry him, Florin was in seventh heaven. After saying “yes,” the young couple was already looking forward to a long and happy life together. The couple took their wedding vows very seriously and promised to take care of each other “in sickness and health.” Even the phrase “until death do us part” meant something real to them. Ed’s kidney failed when he was 83 years old. He was taken to the hospital right away.

Florin had a heart attack a few days after that. The older woman was also taken to the hospital, but not to the same one where her husband was. Ed insisted on going to the Florin Hospital and staying in the same room there. Doctors and family had no choice but to agree. The old couple were able to get back together in the end. To be able to hold hands.

Florin could barely feel or understand anything, but she knew right away that her husband was there. She died right after that. She wouldn’t let go of her husband’s hand for a second. After two hours, Ed took his last breath and closed his eyes for the last time.

“I will never leave you, Florin. I told you at the time that nobody or anything in the world could make me leave you. If you go, I’m going with you!” That was the last thing Ed said. He didn’t know he was right… We all want to be loved more than anything else in the world, but to get that, you have to learn how to love others without expecting anything in return.