Masha and Dasha Ledeneva’s childhood dream was to become models. Mom encouraged her daughters to do this. Why not? The girls had everything they needed to be successful in this field: beautiful, slim bodies, long legs, and photogenic faces. So, when the girls decided to try their luck at a modeling agency, mom didn’t mind.

Here, though, they were let down. Recruiters have found that teenagers are perfect except for one thing: their weight. Dasha and Masha were both 14 years old at the time, and they weighed 52 kg and 54 kg, respectively. Well, the girls decided not to give up on their dreams, so they made a diet plan that would work.

They almost stopped eating all together. Soon, the first results started to show up. Still, the girls made it through the casting and got to be in the parade. But their weight kept going down, even though Masha and Dasha still didn’t think they were thin enough. At the end of it all, the girls couldn’t even walk from home to school.

They felt dizzy all the time, and then heart problems started. From the next show on, an ambulance took the Lednev sisters to the center. They celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary here. Masha weighed 41 kg and Dasha weighed 36 kg at that time.

Luckily, the doctors were able to save the girls’ lives, even though they had a long and hard time getting better. Masha and Dasha did not give up on their dream, by the way. Today they successfully work as models and participate in fashion shows.

But the girls now work with a different agency that is happy to take girls with more realistic measurements and doesn’t force models to give up their health in order to be thin.