A police officer just got turned away from a restaurant in Virginia. When the uniformed officer went to Noodles & Company for dinner on Monday night, all he wanted was a warm bowl of tasty noodles from the well-known restaurant. But when the cooks behind the counter saw the police officer, they decided not to serve him food and asked him “politely” to leave.

Since the event that caused a lot of controversy, the Alexandria Police Department has told the public its side of the story. Since then, Police Chief Earl Cook went to the restaurant and told them they had to explain what happened. The officer was waiting in line at the restaurant on Duke Street when a female cook left her job in the back and came to the front to talk to the cashier. She gave an alarming warning that they don’t serve “that” kind of person in their restaurant, pointing at the officer.

The cook allegedly told the cashier, “You better take me off the line, because I’m not serving that.” The cook and cashier laughed a lot at the expense of Police Chief Earl Cook, who left the restaurant right away after being embarrassed.

The next day, Police Chief Earl Cook went to the Noodles & Company on Duke Street to let them know how he felt. He asked to talk to the boss about how his police officer was being treated badly. The managers apologized right away and said they would start an internal investigation into what the cook and cashier had done.

He said, “Well, as a police officer, the first thing you feel is anger. Right now, our relationships with everyone are very tense, and for one of my officers to be treated that way without reason makes you angry at first, then you calm down a bit.

When Chief Cook showed up, the managers said that an internal investigation proved the police officer’s story to be true.

Noodles & Company said something about the event in a statement. It said :

“Noodles & Company expects its team members to have the highest standards of ethics and behavior. Each of our guests is important to us, and we are committed to treating everyone with respect and dignity. Any kind of discrimination is not okay with us.

“We are working with the right people and the local police association to find out what’s going on and solve this problem as soon as possible. We’ve tried to get in touch with the police officer, but we haven’t talked to her yet. We’ll keep looking into the situation and take the right steps when we’re done.

The restaurant wanted it to be clear that they don’t have anything against the Alexandria police. Pete Feltham, who works for the Alexandria Police Union, thought that was good news.