Alex and her British Derby husband Mark got used to their youngest daughter Laila Grace’s strange hair quickly. But when the girl turned four and her hair started to grow very quickly, they started to worry.

Then they found out that the little British girl had a rare syndrome called “uncombed hair syndrome,” which means that her hair was always messy. With it, the hair grows all the time, and because of the way it is made, it is impossible to get it out of tangles.

This hair’s shaft is not like most. The stem is usually round, but this girl and other people with this disease have stems that look like triangles or hearts.

Every time she used a comb, it hurt her very much. So, brushing quickly turned into a cause for hysteria. Laila Grace’s age is now nine. It took her a while to get used to her hair and love it.

“She even hugs her hair sometimes to show how much she loves it. Alex said, “The kids at school love them, and the older guys can’t stop telling her that this is her thing.

Doctors think that the hair will get easier to deal with over time. Maybe Laila Grace will be able to beat them one day, just like the other girls and her older sister Ivona. By the way, she was a pretty normal child when she was born.