Rebecca Wanosik, who lives in Missouri, USA, just had her sixth child. A friend sent her a message one night asking her to help another friend. She also had a baby not too long ago, but she had to have surgery soon after, which meant she couldn’t breastfeed. And the baby only wanted mother’s milk and would not take the bottle at all.

Someone asked Rebecca if she could feed the baby for her. And the woman agreed, since she had plenty of milk. Rebecca wrote on Facebook, “When the baby was brought to me, I saw that he was hungry, tired, and needed milk.” “I did what had to be done. I hope someone would help my child if he or she needed it. It’s crazy how many times people have said I did something weird and gross. Yes, I did post a picture where my baby and another baby ate together.

It doesn’t matter to them; they were just hungry.” A picture of two young children eating together has been liked by hundreds of thousands of people. But all of a sudden, many people said that Rebecca was a pervert because she fed someone else’s child.

Because there were so many complaints and bad comments, Rebecca’s Facebook page was blocked. She was accused of posting “p.o.r.n. graphic content.” People who say that feeding someone else’s child is a perversion clearly don’t know much about history and don’t know that aristocrats almost never breastfed their children anywhere in the world.

It was done for them by the nurses. Even though she is being criticized, Rebecca keeps helping another mom and feeding her baby, who is still getting used to formula. She says she’s always willing to do it again if she has to.