Young Australians Lily Murno and Brody Moles were looking forward to the birth of their son. Even his name, Lennox, was chosen ahead of time. But when Lilly was 24 weeks pregnant, she felt sick all of a sudden.

She hurried to the doctor to clear up the terrible rumors. But, sad to say, her fears came true. When the doctors saw the results of the ultrasound, they went pale. The child’s heart rhythm was off. Doctors have decided that the baby in the womb has heart disease and needs treatment right away. Lily was just checking to make sure everything was okay when she got the bad news: you have to give birth right away.

The parents, who were young, were very scared. Doctors have said that it is possible that the premature baby will not live. He only weighed 800 grams when he was born. The baby was wrapped in a special film right after it was born. Lily says, “It looked like they put it in a baking bag.”

This film helps the child keep their body temperature normal because their organs can’t do it on their own when they are born so early. Little Lennox stayed in an incubator for a long time. He was hooked up to wires and tubes. Still, it is amazing how much modern medicine can do.

The baby, who was so small when it was born and spent the first four months of its life in the hospital, is hard to recognize now. Even though Lennox is big and grown up, he still spends a lot of time in the hospital. Lily can no longer work because of this. Yes, and because they have three older kids, Brody has to spend a lot of time with his family.

Over time, the young parents had to admit that they didn’t have enough money to pay for their son’s treatment, and they couldn’t take him away because it was too dangerous. So that she wouldn’t pay too much for the hospital, Lily had to leave the child there by herself.

When Lily and Brody had no money left, they tried the last thing they could think of: they asked kind people from all over the world for help. Their story quickly went viral on the Internet, and soon young parents started getting money.

In just a month, they were able to raise $5,000 for their son’s treatment and were quick to share new photos, details, and, of course, thanks to everyone who helped. Lennox keeps getting cuter, which makes his family happy. They call him “miracle child” with love. Little Lennox is no longer in danger, thanks to the skill of his doctors, the bravery of his family, and the kindness of strangers. What could be lovelier?