American photographer Desiree Diehl specializes in taking pictures of little girls. Most of the time, the people in these photo shoots are princesses, fairies, or mermaids… But recently, a client’s son surprised him by asking him to go with his dad to a photo shoot for his birthday. The grown man laughed and said he would take part. And even learning to play a new part.

Both the father and the daughter played mermaids. They even got full costumes of real sea creatures, complete with big pink tails, seashell bodices, and tiaras. The photographer looked for interesting angles as the family waded through the shallow water.

The photo shoot turned out to be a lot of different things and a lot of work. She also got 31,000 likes, a thousand more comments, and almost 167,000 reposts on Facebook.

In an article about this project, Desiree Diehl said that it was one of her most interesting works because it showed the relationship between a father and a daughter. He is glad that he was able to help the family make memories that will last a lifetime.

People who use the Internet have liked the project. And the bravery of a father who was able to let go of his ideas about virility and masculinity in order to make his daughter happy. They think that the photo shoot’s adult heroine will realize how much her father loves her.