The star wore a jumpsuit by Loewe and a jacket by Alaia on stage.

All of Rihanna’s million-dollar fans were excited for this day.

Since she started her cosmetics line, the singer hasn’t put out any new albums. And it’s been a long time since we’ve seen her perform live.

But Rihanna decided to go on stage again for the show during a break in the 2023 Super Cup. And, of course, I had been getting ready for this for a few months.

People on the Internet were sure that Riri would go on tour after the Super Bowl, like Beyoncé did, but it didn’t happen.

It seems like waiting for us doesn’t make sense for either new music or performances. The problem is that the singer is expecting another child. When she went on stage for the Halftime Show, it was clear.

The star wore overalls by Loewe and a jacket by Alaia on stage.

In some places, a tight-fitting outfit fits the artist’s body so well that you can’t help but notice changes. But some people on the Internet think that RIRI still hasn’t gotten over the birth of her first child.

Remember that her son was born about 9 months ago? On the other hand, if Rihanna is pregnant, it makes sense why she talked so much about motherhood in a recent interview and at a press conference before the Super Bowl.

In total, the performer did more than ten songs, some of which are very strongly linked to Kanye West. By the way, he is not the first person who has been “cancelled” that Riri has helped in this way. Johnny Depp had been on her show before that.

So now people on the Internet are waiting for Rihanna to tell them more. Also, tell her how happy you are that she will soon be a mother for the second time.