He had everything, but one thing in his life changed everything.

Everyone has a different idea of what makes them happy. Someone from a deaf village wants to move to a big city and build a great career, while someone else wants to get away from all the good things that come with civilization and live in a remote area.

Today, we’ll talk about a person like this. He had a family, money, and a good job. But one moment in his life changed everything.

David-Living Sydney used to (Australia). He lost a lot of money on the exchange in 1987.

His life has changed a lot in the last few years. No one knows what would have happened next if one case hadn’t happened.

David fell in love with a woman from Zimbabwe he met. She pushed him and gave him the idea to move.

David spent the last of his money to rent an uninhabited island a few kilometers from Australia. He and his lover went there. She couldn’t live like that, so she soon left David.

Since then, a man has lived on an island by himself for the past 26 years. David makes a foamy drink to cheer him up when he’s by himself. His dog, Quasi, and a business he loves also help. He also grows vegetables and catches fish and crabs.

David made his own house out of things he found around the house. He has lived there for many years.

He also put up solar panels so that the house has electricity. People who are traveling or fishing will sometimes land on the island.

David talks to them and takes care of them in the way that he himself set up or raised it. According to the man, these are the times when he realizes how much he wants to talk to other people, but he is not yet ready to give up the peace and quiet he finds in being alone.

So lives the most well-known hermit in Australia, Robinson.