Fans of LPBW think that Lilah Roloff’s face in the latest photo “says it all” and that she may no longer be used by her mother Tori to make easy money. Fans know that Tori and Zach Roloff’s family just got back from a trip. Tori Roloff has posted a lot of pictures from her trip. Fans of LPBW quickly noticed that most of the pictures had either Josiah or Jackson in them. What happened to Lilah Roloff? Did she also go on this trip?

Tori Roloff finally showed a picture of Lilah. She told fans that Lilah was on the trip with them and having a good time. Tori Roloff then went on to say that Lilah did NOT want to stop for pictures during the trip. It turned out that Lilah just wanted to enjoy the trip without stopping for pictures all the time.

Tori Roloff was happy when she finally got a picture of Lilah and shared it. Fans on different social media sites all agreed that Lilah’s face said more than her words. Also, fans were a little upset that Tori took and shared a photo of her daughter even though it was clear that Lilah didn’t want that.

Some fans of the show Little People, Big World think that Tori Roloff shouldn’t have posted this photo of her daughter Lilah on Instagram because Lilah’s face shows that she wasn’t too happy about being photographed in the first place. Tori wrote in the photo’s caption that it was the first picture Lilah had let her take all day. The look on Lilah’s face in the picture, however, showed that she still wasn’t too happy about being in the picture.

Tori Roloff and her sister-in-law Audrey always get in trouble for using their kids as props on social media to promote products and make quick money. Some fans think Tori went too far with this photo, though, because it was clear that Lilah didn’t want her picture taken.

Tori Roloff said at the end of her caption that it had been a long 24 hours because it had been hard to get Lilah to a place where she would let her mom take a picture.