The story of Hunter, a 6-year-old boy, is one that will make every parent tear up. Hunter was recently punished by his school for being late. But what his mother found when she went to his house for lunch was even sadder.

Hunter had to eat in a cardboard box, and his cup had a big D written on it. The teachers said this was fair because the student was always late. Hunter’s grandmother was outraged by this mean and embarrassing thing that was done to a young child. She went on Facebook to tell her story.

“This is Hunter, my grandson. He just started first grade. The car that his mom drives doesn’t always start right away. Sometimes he gets to school a few minutes late. This time, he was 1 minute late, so his mom found out this is what they do to punish him! Grandma wrote a letter.

The post quickly went viral and got a lot of help from people in the community. People worked together to raise money for the family.

The school’s principal has also been getting a lot of calls and emails from angry parents.

Hunter’s story and his harsh punishment have started a very important conversation about school rules. Even though teaching children to be disciplined is important, it is just as important to do so in a way that doesn’t hurt their self-esteem or mental health.

Hunter’s story shows that even small acts of kindness and support can have a big effect on a child’s growth and health.