In 2003, 19-year-old Kazandra Zetterberg from Sweden became well-known all over her country. The girl had anorexia, and she only weighed 30 kilograms. She was almost a skeleton covered in skin. She was the personification of her disease. The girl ended up in the hospital, where the doctors told her she didn’t have much of a chance: she had to gain weight or say goodbye to her life.

Kazandra’s family told her she shouldn’t give up. They had to watch the girl dissolve in front of their eyes. The girl made the decision to fight. Anorexia is a debilitating disease that causes changes in the body and mind that make it hard for many people to get back to a healthy weight.

But Kazandra decided to do whatever it took to get her life back to normal. She learned about how to eat well, worked with experts, and then started to play sports. She told her friends about her progress on social networks, and they encouraged her to keep going. And here’s what came out of it.

Kazandra Zetterberg looks like this now. What a lovely girl! Where is the skeleton that made people cry and scared people they didn’t know? The girl is all better now and is enjoying life. Even her skin, which used to be dull and lifeless, now looks healthy and bright. Kazandra is now a personal trainer. She has learned a lot about healthy eating from her own bad experiences and can help other people stay in shape.

It seems impossible that this is the same person. Kazandra’s family, friends, and anyone else who saw her change are all very happy for her. Now, the girl has her own blog where she writes about the risks of anorexia and ways to deal with it. She hopes that many people will follow her lead.