It’s important to be patient in life. There are things to wait for, and the longer we wait, the better the thing we’ve been waiting for turns out to be. Even though it might be easier to get what you want right now, the whole point of this is to be patient and wait.

Everything happens at the right time! And the closer we get to the moment we’ve been waiting for, the harder it is on the soul. Before they got a gift they had been waiting for for a long time, one couple had to learn how to be patient. They were sure of one thing: time brings wonderful surprises. In this kind of situation, all you need is patience and faith.

On his farm, Walt Manis grew up. She spent all of her time in nature and talked to God all the time. God finally spoke to him when he was 12 years old.

He could see a little girl with dark skin and eyes in his mind.

Walt says these things: God told him this would be his daughter, and her name would be Chloe.

Annie lived across the street from Walt.

They were good friends, and everyone in their family knew each other well. They had a great time growing up together. Annie always thought Walt was great and dreamed of getting married to him.

Annie went to college, which was about 30 minutes on foot from Walt’s home.

He helped her find a new home and a church that was right for her. And they talked to each other a lot more!

One day, they were in a car and thinking about what would happen next.

Annie said that her dream was to have a daughter and name her Chloe. They couldn’t believe they both dreamed of the same name for their daughter.

They got married, but they didn’t have a child right away.

The couple had a good time together. They went on trips and worked for the same agency. And soon you’ll be having a baby!

But months went by, and Emmy couldn’t get pregnant for four years!

Walt and Emmy were tired and started to question God’s plan. Emmy finally chose to adopt.

The couple wanted to have children very much!

But Walt didn’t like the idea of adoption and didn’t even want to talk about it. He thought it was wrong. Even so, Annie got all the paperwork ready, but the couple wasn’t sure if what they were doing was right.

Annie got a letter from the agency that helped her get adopted one night.

The mother-to-be has picked out the parents and wants to meet them.

Walt still wasn’t sure!

They have already forgotten what Chloe’s name was because nothing went as planned.

When they met Alison, Walt saw that she was a grown-up version of the girl he had imagined as a child.

Alison said she already had a name picked out for the baby. She wanted to call her daughter Chloe when she was born.

Walt no longer had any doubts.

He was sure that this was the child they had been waiting for for so long.

When Chloe was born, she looked just like Walt had thought she would.

Walt tells people that they can’t change his mind when they say it’s just a coincidence.

Emmy and Walt now understand what it means to wait.

This time wasn’t easy, and at times it was even hard to stand!

But if we can hold out, amazing things will happen.

After that, they took in another child, a girl named Naomi.