The Ohio woman’s childhood dream came true after she spent $500,000 on plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures. Now, Nannett Hammond looks a lot like her favorite doll, Barbie, and lives a lot like a doll. Her husband and five kids only help her do this.

Nannett had this dream for a long time: to look just like this. She had to get breast implants three times on her own so she could be reborn. But now that she has a bra size 7, she can be proud of it. Nannette, who was born with brown hair, loved playing Barbie as a child, maybe more than other girls. As a teen, she kept wishing that she could be like her favorite doll.

The girl didn’t like her hair’s natural color, and she wanted to look like Barbie. Nannette, who is 16 years old, is with her grandmother. When she turned 21, Nannett paid attention to how she looked. First, she borrowed $3,000 and had her breasts enlarged from a size 2 to a size 3. Then she bleached her hair a lot, and by the time she was 24, she had breasts that were a size 4.

Nannette was so impressed by what plastic surgery could do that she became a nurse in a cosmetic clinic. She started putting collagen into her lips when she was 27. “I saw how different procedures changed other people, and I wanted the same for myself,” she said.

Because of this, it is hard to see the old girl in this blonde woman. Nannette has had long blonde hair and very long, thick eyelashes since she was 30. This costs her a lot of money. The long list of cosmetic procedures is impressive: lip fillers, Botox, veneers on the teeth, tattoos, nail extensions, and daily trips to the home solarium. Nannet still gets Botox and collagen injections on a regular basis to keep her skin and face looking young. Then Nanette met the man she is now married to. Now she knows she can count on this.

The husband’s Barbie doesn’t have a soul, and he does a lot of what she wants. And five kids between the ages of 5 and 16 help their parents. Everyone in Nannett’s family thinks she is a great wife and mother. Hammond never does anything that makes him look bad because her husband is a successful businessman who is 47 years old. The country house where the family lives is very nice.

And they have two of their own planes to get around. The American has a separate closet full of clothes that even Barbie would want. Nannette also has a special Barbie-style room. It’s pink, has pictures of Barbie all over it, and is full of sweets and makeup. She tells Nannette that her children are very proud of their unique mother and enjoy taking all the pictures she posts on Instagram.

Hammond has 32.6 thousand people who follow him on Instagram. Maintaining a puppet look takes a lot of work and money. For example, the beauty spends $490 a month on eyelash extensions and $140 on fake tan. The most expensive thing is blonde hair, which costs $1,500 a month… If you work out every day, you can keep your waist size at or below 46 cm.

Nannett won’t change her plan for the rest of her life. She is sure that she will keep using surgeons and cosmetologists until she is at least 70 years old. She can’t be stopped at all by her fear that the interference must get worse over time. “Living Barbie” is sure that she looks great and will stay so graceful for the rest of her life.