A kind act from one person won’t end poverty or change the life of another person forever, but what one person can do on a small scale can often make a huge difference for someone else.

Murilo is a young hairdresser from Brazil. On Marcos’s birthday, he heard that he wanted to go to a party.

The man who lives across the street told the young man that he had been praying a lot because he wanted to find someone to share this special day with and a piece of chocolate cake. With these words, Murilo decided to give the poor man an even bigger gift.

Murilo often goes to church, and as he was leaving, he met Marcos, a homeless man who was looking for someone to spend his birthday with.

Marcos wanted to buy her a simple chocolate cake, but Murilo wanted to take care of her for the whole day.

Since Murilo was a barber, he cut off his beard and gave him a haircut. But first, he let him take a bath to cool off.

Even though a haircut and new clothes won’t make a huge difference in Marcos’ life, they are still important gifts that gave him a break from the hard life on the streets.

People who are homeless often have no choice but to live on the streets, even if they want to start over and change their lives.

Murilo didn’t change Marcos’s life, but he did make his day better by being there for him and making him feel appreciated on his birthday, a day when everyone should feel better.