A woman from Bullaburra, Australia, in the state of New South Wales, said for 10 days that she had not won a lot of money. She got a lot of messages in her e-mail about a gift worth almost $200,000 that was being given to her.

The Australian did not believe what was written in the letter, which makes sense. Many people think that the people who win the lotteries are not regular people, like an Omsk resident who won an apartment by accident on the first day of voting.

When it comes to big wins, it can be hard to trust your partner. This is what happened to the girl who won a lot of money in the lottery. She soon found out the truth and was left without money and a boyfriend. So, what can you say about letters in an e-mail box?

The woman said that she bought a lottery ticket on November 20, but she forgot about it and didn’t know that it could be a winner. Even letters in the mail were not enough to convince her. At the same time, messages were sent from the lottery organizers’ official e-mail.

I had no idea I had won, in fact. “I had no idea at all,” says the woman, who asked not to be named. – I got a few letters telling me I had won, but I thought it was a scam, so I threw them away.

But a real letter that showed up in her mailbox made her change her mind. Then she went to the website for the lottery to check her account. Here, she was in for a surprise.

The winner says, “I was surprised at how calm I was when the amount I had won popped up on my phone.”

The woman won $146,879 on the slot machine. She says that she and her husband are already planning big things to do with the money.

We’ll save most of this for when we retire. The winner says, “I’d also like to do something with our bathroom and kitchen.”

She doesn’t plan to make big changes to her life now that she has a lot of money.