Everyone who has kids knows that it’s not easy to raise them. Even the most patient parents lose their temper sometimes.

When Presley’s daughter did something very rude, the baby’s mother, Hayley Hazell, decided to teach her a lesson. A mother in the U.S. raises her own child.

She does everything to make sure that Presley has everything she needs. A woman works hard at her job to give her child money for college.

Before the school year started, Hayley gave her daughter a small but very nice gift: a pencil case with a picture of Lol dolls, which Presley loves.

Hazell only thought about how happy her child would be on the way home after she bought a pencil case. But things didn’t go as the kind mother thought they would.

After all, the young schoolgirl started crying instead of being happy. Hayley was taken aback by this response. Some of the girls in his class already had pencil cases like that, and Presley wanted something else.

The girl then picked up a pencil case and threw it away. The woman wanted to scold her daughter for not being thankful. But she was able to calm down in time and find a way to punish Presley without getting angry.

Mom went into the kitchen and saw a clear bag with a zipper. The American woman wrote on it, “Presley’s pencil case.” Hayley told her daughter that for the next year, she will carry all of her school supplies in it. She won’t have a pencil case again.

Also, Presley’s mom asked her to get a pencil case that said “LOL” out of the trash. The woman found out which child in her daughter’s class lives in the poorest home and gave that child a “Lol” kit.