Andres Canto, who lives in the Spanish city of Alicante and is 20 years old, got very mad at his parents in 2015.

The guy was 14 years old, and to blow off steam, he took his grandfather’s pickaxe and started digging in the garden.

Kanto says that he doesn’t really know what he was thinking at the time.

My parents wanted me to put on a jacket and go with them to the country, but I wanted to wear a tracksuit and just hang out in the woods.

They told me I couldn’t leave the house like that, so I said, “Don’t worry, I’ll find something to do.” I then went to the back of the estate and started digging a hole.

But even after they made up, the guy didn’t stop digging. He worked every day after school because it was a way for him to relax and think.

When a friend gave Andres a pneumatic drill, the pace of construction changed. The simple hole turned into a three-meter-deep cave that the friends dug together for 14 hours a week.

At first, the teens dug the dirt out of the pit by hand, using buckets. Canto eventually decided to look into other ways to dig and came up with the idea of using pulleys (wheels with a groove).

Andres made the roof of his cave stronger by making arched entrances and vaulted ceilings, and he put concrete on the walls to keep them from falling down. The guy only spent 50 euros on the project.

Now, the cave has a bedroom, a living room, a heating system, a music system, and Wi-Fi that comes from a cell phone.

Andres says that making such a miracle was hard work because the cave was damp and crowded. And there were some problems with the digging itself.

“Because I’m the first person in Spain to do something like this, there was no specific report when the Civil Guard came. The man said, “It wasn’t a basement or a warehouse; it was just a well-built underground shack.”

Andres’ parents are happy with where their son hides out underground. The guy’s mom first watched a video of the cave and then went inside to see it for herself.