People develop important traits when they do honest work and spend time with pets.

Correctional work is something that everyone needs. In the U.S., they decided to use animal therapy to help criminals learn new skills.

We don’t know how this smart person came up with the idea to combine two important things for people: labor therapy and animal therapy.

But maybe this was the best they could think of. People who do honest work and spend time with pets tend to develop important traits that criminals are less likely to have.

This great program just started in an Indiana prison. The people who owned the animals in the shelters found them. Those babies who had never been loved or cared for by a person learn to be friends with someone and feel real love.

In turn, cats and dogs have a way of treating people who are in jail that they don’t see from other people.

People will always be suspicious of criminals because they have a bad reputation.

In an American prison, they don’t talk to animals right away, and they don’t even talk to everyone. People think of this as a privilege.

Someone must show that he really wants to change the way he thinks about the world. But the most important thing to remember is that it takes time to make friends. This is a good amount of information for both sides.

In these pictures, you can see how much the new owners love and care for their pets. Adult men knit their cats costumes and hats, take care of them, and play with them.

You can see how deeply the prisoners feel, and you can see the same love in the eyes of their pets.