In the lawsuit, Johnny said that he and Anna had broken up in July 2021.

The circus artist and director sent court documents to LA on Wednesday, which the paparazzi got a copy of.

Johnny said that he and Anna broke up in July 2021 in the lawsuit. He asked Lena about the fact that his children were legally and emotionally owned by both of them.

They started dating in the early 2000s, and they got married in 2010 in Los Angeles. Before the wedding, she gave birth to their first child.

The TV host wrote about the child’s news on his website. Today, it was said that my wife and I were trying to have a baby, which I have to confirm.

Still, we can’t contain our excitement and can’t wait for a little bad guy to show up. My daughter Madison started to act like the older sister.

Since he doesn’t usually talk about his personal life on social networks, his followers didn’t know that he and his wife were having trouble.

On “Family Day” in 2020, he posted a beautiful picture of Ruth with her children next to her last post.

The day I met my first real love and gave our children the best mother they could have. He wrote, “Every day you bless us, and we love you.” In July, he tells her how happy he is that it has been a year.