An Australian woman learned from her own experience that anyone can live in the attic of a private home. But she was lucky: the strangers who moved into the attic didn’t wait to meet her, even though they left behind an unpleasant surprise.

Kiri, who lives in a town in Australia, doesn’t often go up to the attic of her two-story home. But she must not have gone to the most comfortable room when she needed to get her hands on family photos that were sitting in boxes and collecting dust.

When Kiri saw what had grown in the attic while he was away, he didn’t feel bad about how rarely he went up there. There was a nest on the beams under the roof. It was probably made by insects.

Kiri turned to Facebook users to find out who could have built such a scary but beautiful building.

People told her to call an exorcist, think about moving, and start praying, among other things, until a real expert stepped in.

John, who works for Smash’d Em Pest Control, could tell at a glance that German wasps had built the nest in Kiri’s house. But he is quick to tell Vertonghen that his neighbors are not trying to hurt his family.

The nest is empty if the guard wasps are not flying around it. These wasps never go back to their old nests because they break down so quickly. If you still see some strange bugs around, call the experts right away.

John also said that you shouldn’t meet German wasps in late spring or early summer.

Insects fight hard against anyone who comes too close to their nests.